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Oil-air separation filter technology note

Oil-air separation filter is the key parts to decide the compressed air quality of the air compressor. The high quality oil-gas separation filter can work for even thousands of hours while making sure the high working efficiency of the air compressor.

The compressed air from the compression head entrains large and small oil droplets. The large droplets are separated by the oil-gas separation tank while the small droplets (suspended oil particles which diameters are less than 1μm) must be filtered by oil-gas separation filter with micro glass fiber media. According to the diffusion, the small oil particles are intercepted directly or gathered on the bottom of filter by gravity action as large oil droplets which is condensed by small oil particles by  inertia collision principle. The condensed large oil droplets return to the compression head lubricating oil system according to the oil returning pipe on the recession of the bottom of the filter to make sure the air compressor to discharge the pure compressed air without any oil. The solid particles in compressed air are detained in the filter media when they pass through the oil-gas filter, which results in the pressure difference (resistance) increasing. With time going, when the pressure difference reach 0.08Mpa -0.1Mpa, the filter must be changed to a new one, or the air compressor working costs will increase (power costs). When you choose the models of the oil-gas separation filter in consideration of the suitable fluid and pressure range, the larger size is better than the smaller . In our standard model tables, the filter fluid is tested in 7bar.When the working pressure is less than 7 bar, we should revise the fluid as the truth.