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How to Repair and Maintain Air Compressor (Part III)

How to Repair and Maintain Air Compressor (Part III)

IV. Safety valve:

The safety valve has been set before the machine leaves the factory. We do not advocate users to adjust the safety valve privately.If it is necessary to adjust, it should be carried out under the guidance of the local labor safety department or the company's maintenance personnel, otherwise, the company will not be responsible for all the consequences caused by this.

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V. Maintenance work: 

For general users, provide some compressor maintenance suggestions, users can refer to implement.

(1) Weekly: a. Check whether the unit has abnormal sound and leakage;B Check whether the instrument reading is correct;C. Check whether the temperature display is normal.

(2) monthly: a. Check whether there is rust and looseness in the machine. If there is rust, go to rust and oil or paint, and tighten the looseness;B. Discharge condensed water.

(3) every three months: a. Clean the dust on the outer surface of the cooler, the fan cover and the fan blade;B. Add lubricating oil to motor bearings;C. Check whether the hose is aging or broken;D. Check the electrical components and clean the electric control box.

VI. Compressor oil replenishment:

In running state, the compressor oil level should be kept between the lowest and the highest oil level, oil will affect the separation effect, less oil will affect the machine lubrication and cooling performance, within the oil change period, if the oil level is lower than the minimum oil level, should be timely supplement of lubricating oil, the method is: (1) downtime so on (confirm there is no pressure system) the press release, pull the power master switch.

② Open the refueling port on the oil and gas separation tank and add an appropriate amount of cooling lubricating oil.

(3) Refer to the regular maintenance table for the oil change time of the air compressor after normal operation.

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